Our products

The company is able to print upon request with delivery of the mold by the customer, any component up to a maximum of 2,000 (two thousand) grams of weight.

We are available for any advice on the molding and the problems derived by contacting us at our addresses.

Approximately, Rosà Plast S.r.l. actively press articles and components in the following sectors of production:


Hydraulic pumps for aquariums, filters, parts for motors, impellers


Carter, engine covers, sockets, and seal headphones

Photographic equipment

Lamp holders, door rooms, accessories for tripods


Accessories for skiing, hiking & walking


Containers for remote control, push-button

Household appliance

Components of drain pumps for washing machines and dishwashers, circulation pumps for dishwashers, drive motors for washing machines and dryers, fan motors for dryers, ovens, and refrigeration, reels , pulleys , parts for small appliances

Awards and trophies

Cases portarga and portamedaglie, cabinets with inset


Accessories and parts for beauticians and household

Components for OEM

Medical sector e Leak detection system

Pumps, micropumps