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45 years of experience for solutions to everyday problems in a quick and efficient way

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45 years of experience for solutions to everyday problems in a quick and efficient way

Rosà Plast knows that toolings are the main instrument to guarantee that the customer gets a good final product. Our internal workshop can take care of the ordinary maintanance of the tools. Our system registers all the activity that are made on the tools during their working life, so the complete history of the tool is at our disposal: this gives us  the possibility and opportunity to manage the preventive and programmed maintanance of the customers' properties in the best way.

Our quality team collects everyday , analizes and registers the defects and the issues that happen during the day of production. This activities allow us to get statistics and make analysis.

On the basis of the trend of the production, we create control plans for the parts to optimize resources and frequency of the tests. If requested by the customer , our quality technicians can do tests during the production and after the production , like assembly and montage tests or leackage tests and elaborate reinforced control plans.

  • Programmed and preventive maintenance of toolings
  • Storage of historical movements of the tools
  • Collection and analysis of internal production defects
  • Control plan for standard production
  • Reinforced control plans upon customer's request
  • Corrective Actions according to 8D Model

For the continuous improvement Rosà Plast Team analizes and registers actions by 8D model, an important part of the quality management system. 

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