Planning and logistics

We design and manufacture molds

Some numbers?

  • more than 40 active presses
  • molding 24h/7days a week
  • molding machines from 30 to 400 tons of closing force
  • articles up to 2.000 grams of weight
  • more than 190 million pieces produced in a year

All processes at 360°

The forty-year experience of our business allows us to provide process management, from mold design to finished product delivery, entrusted to specialized personnel, organized in distinct functions.

The Engineering Department is responsible for relations with the client at all stages of design and construction of the mold:

  • participates in the initial studies of the project, identifying critical quotes that the product could have;
  • performs analysis to optimize the factors involved in injection molding technology: from the choice of raw materials, to the research of the balance between price, performance and functionality of the finished product.

The realization of the mold from Rosà Plast is entrusted to external laboratories with extensive experience and reliability with which the Technical Department operates in active collaboration and oversight role.

Team of mechanical toolmakers

Rosà Plast S.r.l. is equipped for routine maintenance of molds and manages the operations of sampling necessary for the release of the report for approval by the customer. The company is equipped with a system for recording maintenance, which allows an optimized management of the historical movements of the molds and provides the ability to effectively manage preventative maintenance of equipment.

Automated management of Logistics and Production Planning
Since September 2012 Rosà Plast is equipped with an important tool for graphical management of inventory movements: an internally developed software that has optimized the principle of traceability of the goods and allows us to bring the reality to the FIFO business logic (First In First Out), giving the customer the best possible inventory turnover.

Production Planning

Rosà Plast is equipped with a system of production planning which allows it to operate a system of open orders by customer, based on forecast needs loaded and verified by the system every 24/48 hours.