Quality and process control

Quality first

Rosà Plast has obtained the certification of its Molding system according to UNI EN ISO 9001 in 1998.

Our People is an active part of our Quality System thanks to regular checks of the running production , records of the results that are verified and stored, to guarantee a one-hundred-percent traceability .

Most of our production is subject to precise quality specifications and dimensional tolerance of the order of a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Upon delivery, on customer's request, the goods are accompanied by a "Declaration of Conformity" in which are reported the values detected next to the specification values.

UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 Certification

From 1998 our UNI EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees that our company is interested in qualified production, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Everything is done thank to a strong organisation , that goes along the years and respects individuality and environment.


UL QMMY2 Fabricated Plastic Parts Certification

Rosà Plast has joint on 3th September 2015 the UL Certification program for Fabricated Plastic Parts QMMY2 and is a qualified patner for all the companies that need to sell their products in the North American market.


Management approvals and maintenance equipment

Rosà Plast S.r.l. is equipped for routine maintenance on molds and manages all teh steps that are necessary to release a plastic parts , from the initial sampling to the final approval by the customer.

Rosà Plast S.r.l. uses a system for recording maintenance, which allows an optimized management of the historical movements of the molds and provides a high level management of preventative maintenance of alle the equipments.

High performance gauging equipments

Our Quality Control Dept. uses high performance gauging equipment as OGP Smartscope Flash CNC 300 that can measure by optical device , by pin, by continuous scanning and Telestar Laser system using ZONE3 new generation metrology software and as OGP Smartscope MVP 250 ,used for traditional measurements by optical lens or pin. These tools allow us to make measurements of absolute precision on our molded technical articles and to satisfy every request of our Customers.